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Merchants have come a long way since the old "punch cards" used to reward recurring customers. Even back then merchants understood that rewarding customers for their continuing business was a profitable long-term way to expand the business.

Loyalty cards are the new way to reward customers for their continuing purchases with your business.

Loyalty cards offered through Virginia Card Services support and provide the customer the ultimate in flexibility. In today's competitive retail environment, loyalty programs are aimed to retain and build upon the merchant's current customer base. The system is a powerful tool to create a compelling reason for customer's to continue to visit a merchant time and time again.

Each loyalty card program is designed specifically to meet the needs of each merchant. Merchants can develop their own program for awarding and redeeming points.

Merchants have the ability to capture customer demographic information and link that information to a loyalty card. On-line reporting makes it easy to review the data.

Loyalty cards carry your unique store graphics, so they promote your business and enhance your brand.

Loyalty cards can also be the basis for additional promotional ideas to bring loyal customers into your store.

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