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Consumers willing to pay more for goods and services, if they can pay by credit card.

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Credit & Debit Card Transactions

As card purchases grow, working with the right processor becomes critically important. Virginia Card Services develops strategies that make our clients better competitors in the market while managing costs for their business.

Credit Card Transactions

Card Services Technologies
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Integrated Processing Solutions

Today, merchants need solutions that spans multiple technologies. Virginia Card Services offers merchants cutting edge technologies to meet these needs. We offer single, flexible solutions that bridge POS, browser, gateway, phone, and e-commerce solutions.

While the entry points to the processing system may be diverse, we consolidate all of these into a single, easy-to-manage core technology. If your business is complex, we have the solution that makes complex simple.

Best of all, our solution is scalable allowing implementation into business large and small … and small business that plan to be large businesses in the future.

Debit Transactions
Debit card use is skyrocketing as more customers are discovering their convenience and more merchants are discovering the potential savings over payment alternative payment methods.

Flexibility, security and convenience are crucial in processing, and debit cards are no exception. Give your customers the ability to use debit cards and you gain the benefit of a payment option that offers simplicity and a high level of security.

When a debit card is issued, the account holder must select his or her own Personal Identification Number (PIN) that must be used when the card is processed. Entering a PIN ensures that all of the transactions you accept are highly secure. Signatures or ID are not required when accepting debit cards, as the PIN is the Identification. With direct access to all of the major debit networks, Virginia Card Services makes it easy to accept debit and ATM cards.


Credit Card Processing

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