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Today, electronic gift cards are very popular with customers. They account for millions of dollars in sales annually. Merchants are learning the sales power of these shopping conveniences for their customers.

At Virginia Card Services, we work with clients to create unique gift cards for their business that builds sales, traffic and brand awareness. Each merchant's gift cards are uniquely designed to be an extension of the store's brand. All graphics are full color and can be any design you wish.

Gift Cards are Hugh Profit CentersBoosting Sales with Ease

One of the fastest growing sources of sales in the retail industry today is the funds generated through gift cards. According to the survey, on average, consumers received 2.5 gift cards during the holidays with a combined value of $106.

Other key findings include:
· 81% received at least one gift certificate to a store or mall
· 36% received at least one to a restaurant/fast food establishment
· 10% received at least one that could be used at a variety of stores/establishments (e.g., an American Express gift card)
· 9% received at least one for a personal service, such as a manicure

"The good news for retailers is that roughly one in five (21 percent) consumers spent more than the face value," said Tara Weiner, National Managing Partner of Deloitte's Consumer Business Practice. "And if they spend more, they're likely to spend nearly twice as much as the face value of the card."

Shoppers, who spent more than the face value of the gift card, spent a hefty 89% more than the average face value, $90 versus $47.50.

Why You Need a Gift Card Program
There are three primary reasons you should institute a gift card program:

  • Become Competitive & Stay Competitive
    Competitors are already in this market and are very successful with gift cards
  • Building the Customer Base
    Often, gift cards are purchased by current customers who give the cards to non-customers. Redemption of the cards by previously non-customers introduces these customers to your business and helps to build the customer base.
  • Gift Card Programs are Very Lucrative
    Nationally, 10 - 12% of the value of gift cards is not redeemed. Why? There are several reasons: Cards are lost; people forget they have them; they use the bulk of the value and fail to redeem the few remaining dollars; or the cards are given to someone who is not geographically close to a redemption point.
  • Gift Cards are the Foundation of Great Promotions
    Great Promotions always brings traffic to your store and builds sales. Gift cards can be the tool to drive more money through your cash register. At Virginia Card Services we've got the exciting gift-card-based ideas to use your gift cards for winning promotions.

Nexgen Partner Strategies Handles All the Arrangements

Virginia Card Services will handle all the arrangements for you to distribute and redeem gift cards. These gift cards would be specific to your company and could not be redeemed by other merchants.

Dollar value for individual cards can be assigned at the time of sale, so that the value can change as requested by your customers.

Customers redeem the card by presenting the card at the time of purchase and the gift card is processed through the same terminal as a credit or debit card. Any value remaining after a purchase remains on the card and is available for future purchases thus encouraging recurring business with your gift card-holding customers.

These gift cards will be designed with custom graphics. This allows you to make the cards look unique and tie to the store's existing colors and graphics. Your gift cards will become a powerful marketing tool and enhance your brand awareness.


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