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Local Service in Central Virginia

The Richmond, Virginia office of Nexgen Partner Strategies provides clients personalized assistance. Merchants should contact the Richmond office for any of the following issues:

     - Account Review
     - Add services: gift or loyalty cards, check services, etc.
     - To add or replace equipment
     - Questions about e-commerce solutions
     - To change your checking account information
     - To change your processing limits
     - To add iAccess to your account

Nexgen Partner Strategies Customer Service/Tech Support:
Nexgen Partner Strategies offers 24 x 7 customer and technical support for existing clients.
Call the number on the sticker on your credit card terminal.

MX Merchant On-line Account Information
Nexgen Partner Strategies offer merchants MX Merchant, a user-friendly Internet-based service giving them access to their detailed processing data on-line. Merchant data is updated each 24-hours to allow merchants to see transaction data as recent as yesterday's batch.

To get your login and password, contact customer service at the number above. Then click here to login.

For voice authorizations:
     - Visa & MasterCard (800) 228-1122
     - American Express (800) 528-2121
     - Discover Card (800) 347-1111
     - Diners Club (800) 234-6377

American Express Contact Information
     - Web - Click Here
     - Phone - (800) 528-5200 - Open daily 8:30am - 8:30pm Eastern Time
     - For free logos and decals - Click Here
     - For restaurant and other supplies - Click Here

Discover Card Contact Information
     - Web - Click Here
     - Phone - (800) 347-2000 - Open Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 8:00pm
     - Order logos and decals - Click Here

Online Documents
··· Learn about the new EMV (Chip Cards) Enhanced Security
     (Web Site Link) - Click Here

··· Visa Catalog of Publications for Merchants
     (Acrobat PDF format) - Click Here

··· MasterCard Guide for Accepting the new Unembossed Cards
    (Acrobat PDF format) - Click Here

··· PCI Compliance - Self Assessment Guidelines
    (Acrobat PDF format) - Click Here

··· How To Protect Your Business and Customers from Skimming (Fraud by Your Staff)
     (Acrobat PDF format) - Click Here

··· Customers willing to pay more for goods and services if they can pay by credit card
    Research from the University of Kansas. (Acrobat PDF format) - Click Here

Micros Point of Sale

Micros is the nation’s leader in Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals and software for the restaurant and hotel industries. Restaurants using Micros POS systems now exceed 310,000 locations.

Micros is more than just a POS system, it’s a fully integrated system that ties restaurant wait staff, the kitchen, and the customer-facing payment functions into a single seamless system. Restaurant managers use Micros’ unique back-office reporting functions to help them fine tune the restaurant to ensure the highest customer service while maximizing revenue.

For support of your Micros POS system or to inquire about installing Micros at your business, contact:


(804) 358-7155 - Phone
(800) 937-2211 - Service & Support
Click here to email Micros Sales
Micros is not owned or operated by CardPayment Solutions.

Customer Service & Support


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(804) 360-7450 · (804) 360-7457 FAX

Nexgen Partner Strategies Fully Supports all Major POS Systems
Authorized Reseller
Full Integration with QuickBooks     We support Freshbooks

QuickBooks POS

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