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Recurring Debits to Customer Checking Accounts

Many merchants, particularly those in the service industry, provide continuing services and week-after-week or month-after-month charge their customers the same dollar amount. Merchants also find themselves at the mercy of customers when it comes to collecting those funds.

There is a better way: Recurring debits to the customer's checking account. It's automatic and easy.

Your customers will thank you because they will appreciate the simplicity of the service.

Merchant Benefits

  • Recurring transactions will be initiated automatically
  • No software or terminal to buy
  • Transactions on “auto-pilot” which saves you time, effort, and money
  • No discount percentage to pay so it's less expensive than accepting credit cards
  • Banking fees and paper check handling costs are eliminated
  • Free detailed 24x7 on-line reporting of all activity
  • No setup fees

The process is easy and is done through your Internet-connected PC. The software is user-friendly and can save your company time and money while ensuring that customers regularly pay on time.

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