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Who is Nexgen Partner Strategies?
Nexgen Partner Strategies is a wholly owned Arizona-based corporation with thousands of clients across the country. We are a full service provider of all types of non-cash electronic payments, offering a multitude of payment options and technologies including all types of credit, debit, electronic checks, gateways and mobile payment options.

Why should I choose Nexgen Partner Strategies as my service provider?
Nexgen Partner Strategies was founded with service as our top priority; we have statically partnered with the industry's most reliable back-end networks and provide the latest processing technologies covering every type of industry type. We have done this while offering the most competitive pricing available.

How can you save my business money?
We focus on many different aspects of your businesses processing while assessing over 600 different available rates offered by the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American express). We will make sure you have the best available rate program specific to your business.

What if I am in a long term contract? Do you have long term contracts?
We have developed many different strategies to address this issue and in addition many times we can reduce the cost of processing enough to more than offset any penalty or fees charged for changing service providers. We will address this completely if this is the case. All Nexgen Partner Strategies agreements are month-to-month and may be terminated without penalty anytime.

Will my business be without processing for any period of time when we switch service providers?
The switch is seamless and we have refined this process through years of experience and have several back up plans in place to ensure there is zero downtime and virtually no impact to your business.

Do I have to buy new software or processing equipment?
Most cases do not require new software or hardware; we utilize many different processing platforms to accommodate virtually all processing methods Of course, you must currently be processing on a PCI compliant solution.

I am currently with my bank and they deposit everything directly into my account, do I need a new checking account to make the switch?
Although the bank provides your checking account they do not actually process the credit card transactions, they do not require you to have the service. We will use your existing business checking account to deposit all credit card funds.

How long will it take for funds to be deposited into my account?
We release all funds including American Express and Fleet cards next day, all credit and debit cards will be fully funded within 24 hours of settlement (This excludes weekends and banking holidays.)

How are fees collected and reported?
We process all transactions and deposit gross sales; we collect our fees at the end of every month after the statement has cycled on the last day of the month. We mail a statement for your records as well as provide on-line access to the industries best reporting tool to manage your account.

Do you have any hidden fees such as Annual fees, Reporting fees, Industry compliance fees, Statement fees, Service fees?
We offer transparent pricing and only have one fee outside of processing ($13 per month). We offer one simple low monthly fee that covers all other costs including annual fees, PCI fees, reporting fees, industry compliance fees, monthly statement fees and service fees. This does not cover any 3rd party gateway, website or software that may be being utilized for processing.


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